Kent and Kate Klausner are so proud to be the owners of their second branch of Snaggle Foot in St. Petersburg, Florida. The opportunity to combine their over-the-top love of dogs with their entrepreneurial spirit and community involvement is really a dream come true! Loving owners of four dogs and parents to a pup-loving toddler, Beckett, Kent and Kate are excited to be able to give their affection and attention to even more pets in the Pinellas County area.

In May 2012, they opened their first Snaggle Foot franchise in Ann Arbor, Michigan and have been going nonstop ever since. After four successful years and over a thousand clients, Kent and Kate made the decision to open a second branch in Florida. In January 2016, Kent moved down to Florida and has been preparing for the business every since while Kate has continued active operations in Michigan. As of July 1st, Snaggle Foot St Pete will begin accepting clients.

When Kent isn’t too busy being a puppy and baby daddy, he is rooting for his Michigan Wolverines, enjoying long walks in Sawgrass Lake Park, and FaceTiming with his beloved family back home. He loves to be involved in community programs and the arts and as long as an 80’s power ballad is playing, nothing can ruin his day. He is a movie buff, an imaginative story teller, and loves to help inspire people to achieve their dreams. Though it would be impossible for him to pick a favorite of his 4 dogs, he will admit that the “Princess”, being the only girl, may have him wrapped around her little paw. Owner-1

Kate also shares a love of the creative and DIY spirit. She lives to re-purpose, create and share inspiration with everyone around. Few things make her as happy as an organized space, a sunny day drive, or being in the kitchen with three dogs following her every move while she’s baking dog biscuits. A longtime manager of a specialty toy store, Kate knows the value of good play time. She delights in making creative thinking puzzles for the dogs and thanks her parents for teaching her to live by the philosophy “Your work is to discover your work, and then, with all your heart, to give yourself to it” (-Buddha).

Now that Kate and Kent have discovered their “work”, they are giving themselves, their hearts and their all to it!